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It’s almost time for one of the biggest, most competitive, and most fun weekends in Saluda, NC! This May, Saluda will play host once again to the Green River Games. This event features thrilling performances from some of the most hard-working, determined, and talented athletes around. This year’s Green River Games will take place from May 20-21st, 2017. Take a look at what the Green River Games in Saluda, NC, are all about!

All About the Green River Games in Saluda, NC

The Green River Games is a weekend-long, multi-sport competition that is held in or around the Green River Gorge. The competitions include activities like running, kayaking, biking, and stand-up paddling. At the end of all of the competitions, there is the Green River Beer Fest for those who want to enjoy some delicious beers from local breweries like Hi-Wire, Oskar Blues, and many more!

The first competition, The Silverback, is unlike any other! This competition combines kayaking, mountain biking, and trail running and is considered the most difficult multi-sport event in the world. Kayaking begins at the Tuxedo Hydro-station and will go about 8 miles and will include Class V Narrows. After that is the mountain biking which is another 8 miles. If you can still muster some energy, save it up for the 8-mile run that completes this event. Be warned, this event is not for the weak of heart. You can compete either individually or in a team. 

If you are into running, there are ways you can participate in the Green River Games! They offer the Big Hungry Half Marathon and Big Hungry 10k for those who are ready to take on the trails. 

For the kayak enthusiast is the event known as the Bridge to Bridge. This event will start at the Upper Green and will continue for 8 miles through the Narrows and Lower Green River. Make sure you can handle Class V rapids and be excited to be racing with the Silverback competitors. 

Besides the Silverback, mountain bikers will have 1 other event to compete in in the Green River Games, the Enduro. This race will consist of 3 timed down hill stages where not only will you have to bike as fast as you can but you have a limited time to climb back up to the next spot.

The Green River Games are bound to be an exciting event for participants and spectators alike! Register on their website today and start making your travel plans to North Carolina to enjoy a trip you’ll never forget.

Where to Stay While You’re in Town for the Green River Games

While getting pumped and registered for all of these amazing events one thing you will not have to worry about is where to stay. In Saluda, there is an amazing B&B called The Orchard Inn. The owners will make sure you have everything you need to make sure you are well rested and fully energized for your event. Make sure you check out their cottages for not only yourself but for your gear as well. Contact them today and book your cottage for the Green River Games.

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